NGOs, companies and individuals unite to offer help to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Romania

Many non-profit organizations (NGOs), companies and individuals in Romania have started initiatives aimed at helping the Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war in their country. Some provide accommodation and food, while others offer transport, essential goods, or support and assistance for pets. Below is a list of such campaigns and initiatives (and everyone is welcome to join their efforts), says


Local businessman Stefan Mandachi offers accommodation at his hotel in Suceava (limited spaces), as well as free meals at the Spartan restaurant in the city centre (Ukrainians need to show an ID card). Plus, those who want to make donations can do so at the same restaurant, and the businessman is also working on setting up special spaces for pets. He’s updating the information on Facebook – here.

Andra Hotel in Tecuci can also host refugees, according to a Facebook message of manager Mac Florea.

Complexul Turistic Costești also joined the list of local businesses supporting Ukrainians with accommodation and food. No more rooms were available on Friday morning, but they said they would publish updates regularly. More details here.

MOOD Coffee in Gura Humorului is also offering free meals to Ukrainian refugees. Find out more here.

Dyno Lake fishing complex in the county of Calarasi also announced that it could offer accommodation to Ukrainian refugees – further details here.

The Association of Romanian Contemporary Art Galleries also posted a message announcing accommodation and financial support for artists fleeing the war in Ukraine. Details here.

The Caradja Cantacuzino Association in Bucharest collects packages with essential goods for the Ukrainian refugees. Those interested can help with clothes, hygiene products, face masks, baby products, blankets, or towels. More details here.

Local organization LOGS is raising funds for the Ukrainian refugees. Further details here.

The Romanian United Fund, with the support of the Embassy of Romania to the United States, also launched a fundraising campaign for Ukrainian refugees coming to Romania. Those who want to donate to the Ukrainian Peace Fund can do it here.

The City Hall of Iasi, in eastern Romania, is also collecting food and essential goods for the refugees at several points in the city. More about the initiative here.

International transport company Romfour offers free bus rides to Ukrainian citizens arriving at the Siret customs point who want to get to bus or train stations. They can also transport refugees to Italy free of charge (every Friday) and offer discounts on other international routes (such as France or Germany). Further details here. According to the media, transport company Tarsin provides similar services, also free of charge – more here.

Local construction company Gerald House Construct – Homes for Sale announced that it’s hiring workers from Ukraine. Details here.

Bogdan Tanasa, a local entrepreneur and fundraiser whose Casa Share association is building houses for low-income families, offers 10 tons of lighters to homes or shelters hosting refugees from Ukraine. Details are available here.

Ukrainian speakers in Romania can contact the Students’ Association in Maramures if they can help with coordinating the refugees at the border. More details here.

Several organizations have also offered support and assistance to Ukrainian citizens coming to Romania with their pets. Among them, Clubul de Excelenta Canina Patrocle BrasovCasa lui PatrocleSave our Paws Association in Iasi, MegaDreams Pet Taxi in Iasi, and Fight for Animals in Baia Mare.

Many other individuals, companies, or organizations are coming together on public Facebook groups to offer accommodation, food, funds, or other help to Ukrainian refugees. Two such groups are Solidari cu Ucraina (In Solidarity with Ukraine) – here and Uniti pentru Ucraina (United for Ukraine) – here.

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