Romania, among top three countries for remote working in 2022

Romania takes up the third spot in a ranking of the best countries in the world for remote working and travel put together by travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine Momondo, which is part of Booking Holding, the world leader in online travel, says

Romania ranks third because of the low living costs, good prices for car rental and hotels, as well as the low costs for long-term apartment rentals. The excellent internet speed and English-speaking population were also considered pluses. Another factor in the country’s favor was the visa for digital nomads, which the authorities plan to introduce in the coming months, Momondo said in a press release.

Portugal took up the first spot in the ranking, with its good weather, sightseeing attractions, low crime rate and relatively low cost of living. The country also offers a digital nomad visa and many locals speak English. Spain ranked second, with its many restaurants and cafes, high-speed internet, plenty of co-working spaces, rich nightlife and favorable LGBTQ+ policies.

The top ten includes Mauritius in fourth place, Japan, Malta, Costa Rica, Panama, Czech Republic, and Germany.

The ranking looked at 111 countries, classified according to 22 factors divided into six categories: accessibility and travel costs; local prices; safety and health; remote work facilities; social life; and weather.

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