How students and pupils can improve their memory, find out from IOANA’S PILL

Having a great memory can help you do better in school, perform better in tests or exams and get higher grades. The important thing to know is that sharp memory skills are not something people are born with – these skills can be developed and improved – and we’re talking about neuroplasticity here. Find out the most important ways to improve working memory for pupils and students from IOANA’S PILL.

10 tips for effective learning:

1. Study in a place without distractions, such as the TV

2. Associate a term you need to memorise with an item you are familiar with

3. Use the coding technique known as elaborate repetition

4. Another great way is to occasionally change your routine, where you study

5. Create a poem or song using the information that is memorable

6. Use visual images to represent information you have recently read or heard

7. Use all your senses when learning a particular topic – read aloud and use props.

8. Divide the information so that it is easier to remember

9. Stimulate parent-student discussion about the topic to be memorised

10. Respect the hours of sleep and their number according to age.

Importance of OMEGA-3 AND OMAGA-6
Very important for pupils and students is adequate intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. There are many studies showing their importance for good brain health.

Good news is that products rich in omega-3 and omega-6 acids are also available in pharmacies. I stopped by Esprico today.

With its composition in the omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA and the omega-6 GLA, Magnesium and Zinc, ESPRICO improves the ability to concentrate.

Why Esprico

– eicosapentaenoic acid-EPA is essential for nerve cell activity,

– Docosahexaenoic acid -DHA is part of nerve cell membranes, essential for brain development

– gamma linoleic acids-GLA are essential for:

– Brain and memory development

– Improved learning and concentration ability

– Correcting attention deficits

Thus Esprico is recommended for pre-schoolers, schoolchildren and students as well as other active people who exert sustained intellectual effort.

Due to its composition in omega unsaturated fatty acids, Esprico also plays an important role in supporting cardiac function and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The writer Italo Svevo said that God gave us the memory to have roses in December. Until next time, all the best!




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