Bosch Romania teams up with Orange Business Services

Bosch, leading global supplier of technologies and services, has recently signed a collaboration agreement with Orange Business Services. Bosch Engineering Center Cluj will start testing new features designed for automated vehicles, through Celluar-based Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) communication with the help of 5G technology. C-V2X communication technology is a vital pillar of automated and connected driving, according to

”We are excited to start this new partnership and I am convinced that our know-how, expertise and state-of-the-art technologies combined, will lead to achieving new, outstanding results related to the connected and automated mobility field”, said Cătălin Golban, Head of the Engineering Systems Vision department at the Engineering Center Cluj.

The R&D division in Cluj-Napoca is actively seeking to enhance existing, as well as developing new solutions in the automated and connected driving fields, with the benefits deriving from the 5G technology as one of the points of interest. Thus, the Bosch engineers in Cluj are using test cars equipped with 5G technologies, allowing the transmission and visualization almost in real time of the collected data, significantly facilitating the development process of automated and assisted driving solutions.

The goal of this project is the continuous optimization and innovation based on data collected in real traffic scenarios. This new communication technology facilitates the fast transmission of data from the test vehicles to a central server or cloud infrastructure, thus the engineers working on automated and assisted driving technologies can rapidly process and analyze the information. C-V2X communication based on 5G is one technology that has great potential to meet the demanding conditions of such functionality and to provide the needed data-exchange performance level. Furthermore, the new communication standard allows Bosch engineers or collaborators from anywhere in the world to visualize the data intercepted by the sensors from the test vehicle, such as video, radar, ultrasonic or lidar.

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