IKEA supplier WIP Industries builds EUR 36 mln factory in Romania

WIP Industries, a supplier of elements for the furniture industry, is building a EUR 35.9 mln factory in Romania, most likely in the industrial park Campia Turzii (close to Cluj-Napoca). Out of the total investments, EUR 17.9 mln is state aid, according to data from the Ministry of Finance, quoted by Ziarul Financiar. The project is underway and involves the creation of 187 jobs, according to Romania-Insider.com.

“WIP Industries is owned by the Swedish company WIP Holding. We produce and supply components for furniture drawers, such as bedside tables. We have two automated production lines,” it is shown on the website of the company based in Apahida, Cluj County.

According to a recruitment announcement published on the eJobs platform, “the factory (WIP Industries) expands on a built area of 6,700 square meters, and the field of activity is to produce subassemblies of furniture for Ikea suppliers.”

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