BT Mic expands its partnership with EFSE to increase the financial inclusion of micro businesses

The European Fund for Southeast Europe (EFSE) has provided a new senior loan of EUR 10 million equivalent in Romanian leu to BT Microfinantare (BT Mic), part of Banca Transilvania Financial Group. The investment will enable the institution expand access to local currency financing to micro enterprises. Through this new loan, the partners aim to support businesses to sustain and grow their operations, especially amidst the still ongoing coronavirus pandemic, according to

BT Mic and EFSE have been partners since 2018 and have contributed to the development of more than 1,200 companies. Beyond financing, BT Mic and EFSE, through its development facility, joined forces to support businesses through an acceleration program called “Start Online” which was launched in March 2021. The programme supported 30 enterprises with dedicated consultancy on how to scale up their operations online, while for 10 of them, online stores were developed and launched in August 2021.

EFSE Board Chairman Klaus Müller said: “We are proud of our continued partnership with BT Mic that have shown strong commitment to supporting micro enterprises – the backbone of the Romanian economy. Their financial health is directly correlated with the robustness of the economy, and the fact that this loan is in Romanian leu will ensure that entrepreneurs are safeguarded from the ups and downs of exchange rate volatility. With BT Mic’s premier position in the sector, we are confident that our cooperation will have a significant impact in terms of increasing financial inclusion and business development opportunities for entrepreneurs across the country.”

“Small businesses are particularly vulnerable in the current economic context, yet new business opportunities are born, which entrepreneurs seek to take advantage of. Therefore, their access to financing and business know-how remains a priority for BT Mic. Together with EFSE, this new credit line highlights our continued commitment to support the sustainable growth of local micro and small businesses,” stated Cristina Sindile, CEO BT Mic.

Entrepreneurs can quickly apply for a loan through the chatbot Raul from BT, which can be accessed on BT Mic website, by phone, tablet, or computer.

BT Mic is the largest microfinance company in Romania, which complements the role of Banca Transilvania in supporting entrepreneurs, regardless of their business size. From 2016 until now, BT Mic has been part of the story of over 16,000 microbusinesses with over 45,000 employees in 3,000 locations and has contributed to increasing the scope of microfinancing among young companies.

Despite the challenges caused by the pandemic, BT Mic has financed over 5,000 small companies since March 2020 and kept the maximum financing terms, flexible amounts and guarantees, and the response time to only four days for customers applying for a loan.

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