The Maltese Aid Service in Romania has new leadership

The members of the General Assembly of the Maltese Aid Service in Romania have elected the new leadership of the organization, which will have a four-year term. The event took place at the Youth Camp in Micfalău (Covasna), exactly the year the Maltese Aid Service in Romania celebrates three decades of activity.

The new Board of Directors is composed of:

Honorary President: Puskas Balint Zoltan

President: Denes Mihaly

Vice-Presidents: Tischler Ferenc and Hegedus Gergo (also head of the Maltese Youth)

Members: Fari Palko Ilona, Laszlo Lajos and Pallai Kristof

Spiritual guide: Fr. Veress Stelian

Medical and Emergency Coordinator: Laszlo Erika

“Continuing the Maltese tradition and developing the work to support our fellow human beings must be the main priorities of the Maltese Aid Service for the next period of time. To achieve this goal, we want to set up new branches in areas of the country where we are not yet constantly present”, said the honorary president of the Maltese Aid Service, Puskas Balint Zoltan.

“The Maltese Aid Service has already a well-established presence in Romania. We carry out projects in areas such as caring for the elderly, educating children with disabilities, activities for the social integration of children in vulnerable communities, supporting families with limited material resources, providing first aid and emergency response. All our activities are carried out according to the fundamentals assumed by our motto: Keeping the Faith and helping those in need! Or, in other words, “Praying we help, out of love!”, said the president of the Maltese Aid Service in Romania, Denes Mihaly.

The Maltese Aid Service in Romania was established in May 1991, in Cluj. This is the materialization of the presence of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Romania. The Order was created during the Crusades in the Holy Land to help those in need and is one of the most venerable institutions in the Christian world.




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