Bosch opens its third production hall in Cluj following 55 million euro investment

Bosch, a global leader in the provision of technologies and services, inaugurated the third production hall within the car electronic components plant in Cluj. The total investment in the new production unit amounts to approximately 55 million Euro. The new building has a total area of ​​34,500 square meters, according to

The plant in Cluj currently employs over 3,100 employees and this number is expected to increase. In the presence of representatives of national and local authorities, the German Consulate in Romania, partner schools and company representatives, the production unit was officially inaugurated on September 2, 2021. “In just eight years since the factory opened we have had an impressive growth. Today, we celebrate a new important moment for its evolution, facilitating the production of high quality electronic components for the future of mobility,” said Hüseyin Özmeral, general manager of the Bosch factory in Cluj. “I am confident that with the new production hall, we will continue to implement Industry 4.0 solutions, combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to produce high-complexity electronic components,” added Özmeral.

At its plant in Cluj, Bosch has been producing electronic control units since 2013 that increase road safety and driver comfort, such as airbag units, multiple camera systems, driving assistance and electronic control units for eBike. The total investment, since the factory opened in 2013, amounts to over 465 million euros. “We are leaders in the segment we operate in and I am glad to say that the Bosch factory in Cluj has been in a continuous and rapid development for many years. In this sense, we constantly invest in expanding our production and logistics capacity, in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, focusing, at the same time, on the development of our employees,” said Monica Constantinescu, commercial director of the Bosch factory in Cluj. “The opening of the third production hall will allow us to continue creating new job opportunities, both for experienced specialists and for young talents, at the beginning of their careers, thus consolidating our position as an employer top in the region,” Constantinescu continued.

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