Romania’s Govt seeks ways to increase disappointing vaccination rate

Romanian health minister Ioana Mihăilă said that she proposed, in the governing coalition meeting, a series of measures to accelerate the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, says

The proposals include both rewards for those who are vaccinated and restrictions for those who are not vaccinated: mandatory testing of unvaccinated medical staff and limited access on weekends in non-essential areas, reported.

The COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Romania has been keeping the same slow pace, as less than 11,000 people were vaccinated with the first dose in 24 hours, according to official data provided by the authorities on July 27.

Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign in Romania, 4,961,855 people have been vaccinated, of which 4,811,004 with both doses. The Government’s target was 5 million Romanians vaccinated by June 1.

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