Bosch Romania’s cons sales rise 3% in 2020

German engineering and electronics company Bosch said its consolidated sales in Romania rose 3% year-on-year in 2020, reaching 2.2 billion lei ($547 million/447 million euro), according to

Net sales, including the sales of unconsolidated companies and internal deliveries to affiliate companies of Bosch Romania, totalled 6.8 billion lei last year, a level similar to the one recorded in 2019, Bosch said in a press release.

“In 2020, the Bosch Group in Romania achieved remarkable financial results, despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and a decrease in automotive production. Despite the challenging market environment, our forecast for the current fiscal year in Romania remains positive,” Bosch Romania general manager Mihai Boldijar said.

Bosch invested some 487 million lei during 2020 in the development of its production units for mobility solutions in Cluj and Blaj.

In July, Bosch inaugurated a new headquarters building for its engineering centre in Cluj-Napoca – an investment project worth 30 million euro ($37 million). Bosch intends to expand the centre with a second building, which is to be completed in 2023. Currently, some 1,000 employees work at the engineering center.

The Bosch Group has been present on the Romanian market for 27 years. Currently, it operates five entities – an R&D center in Cluj, two production units for mobility solutions in – Cluj and Blaj, a technological industrial production unit in Blaj and an outsourcing service center Business Processes in Timisoara. In Bucharest, Bosch operates a sales office for its mobility solutions, consumer goods and construction and energy technology divisions.

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