RO dairy producer Bonas raises EUR 2 mln in private placement of shares

Romanian dairy producer Bonas Import Export, which mainly sells its products in Cluj-Napoca and the Transylvania region, has raised close to RON 10 mln (EUR 2 mln) in a private placement of shares, according to

The company’s shareholders sold 1.99 million shares, representing 40.76% of the company’s capital, to 117 private investors at a price of RON 5 per share, Bursa reported. The company’s valuation is around EUR 5 mln.

The next step is the company’s listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market.

Local brokerage firm Interdealer Capital Invest managed the private placement and will also prepare the listing.

After the listing, Bonas plans to increase its share capital by RON 9.78 mln (close to EUR 2 mln) by allowing all shareholders to buy two newly issued shares for each share held. The founding shareholders, who sold part of their shares in the private placement, thus plan to reinvest some of the money raised. The company will use the money from the share capital increase to invest in a new production unit that will help it expand its operations.

Bonas Import Export is a family business founded in the early 90s by brothers Vasile and Emil Nas and their brother-in-law Petru brad. The company had a turnover of RON 15.7 mln (EUR 3.2 mln) and a net profit of RON 1.15 mln in 2019.

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