TotalSoft launches a real-time feedback solution for employees

TotalSoft, one of the leading providers of business information systems in Central and Eastern Europe, launches a new continuous-feedback solution for employees. It comes in the form of a module integrated in Charisma HCM, the TotalSoft human resources management system, according to

The concept responds to the need for real-time feedback of new generation of employees and can contribute to the development of their skills, and to increase the performance and motivation of the workforce. Also, for companies, the new solution facilitates access to information related to the performance of each employee, analyzes the trends and needs of skills development in real time, providing support and the opportunity to intervene where needed.

The concept of continuous feedback is a methodology that significantly shortens the time required for the evaluation process. Traditionally, employee performance is often reviewed quarterly, biannually or once a year, while in some organizations there may be no real feedback sessions at all.

This methodology involves sending and receiving feedback every few days/weeks, during or after a major project has been completed or even after each interaction between colleagues. A higher volume of feedback from colleagues helps employees better understand their own current performance and can make improvements.

“Living in a constantly evolving world, traditional performance appraisals are no longer the most reliable way managers can communicate feedback to employees. Old performance evaluation systems are outdated and inefficient, leading to a weak organizational culture. Instead of using annual performance appraisals, we believe that organizations should implement continuous feedback structures in which employees can obtain constructive appraisals of their performance on a regular basis. This can improve employee motivation by reducing or eliminating negative behaviors associated with feedback assessments, leading to happier employees and a more conducive and efficient work environment”, said Mihai Găvan, HCM Global Sales Director TotalSoft.

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