RO flower shop reports EUR 8 mln turnover, plans to expand national network

Romanian flower shop Magnolia reported a EUR 8 million turnover in 2020, up more than 6% compared to 2019. The company plans to open three more shops this year and estimates a turnover increase of up to 30%, according to

Last year, the company’s main retail channel was the online store, accounting for 43% of the total sales. The average shopping basket amounted to approximately RON 275 (a little over EUR 56).

Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca were the cities reporting the highest order volumes, while the most orders from abroad came from the US, UK (London), and Germany, the company said.

Magnolia owns the online store and a network of 17 flower shops in Cluj-Napoca, Bistrita, Baia Mare, Oradea, Targu-Mureș, Brasov, Constanta, Galati, Timisoara, and Bucharest. It also collaborates with more than 58,000 flower shops in 140 countries, delivering flowers worldwide.

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