Iulius Town Timișoara – 5 Star Winner in The European Property Awards

Iulius Town Timișoara, an urban regeneration project developed by companies Iulius and Atterbury Europe via a EUR 442 million investment gained international recognition for its integrated mixed-use concept, its positive impact in the community and for innovation, according to Business-Review.eu.

The only mixed-use project in the west of the country was named the „5 Star Winner Best Mixed Use Development Romania” in The European Property Awards, the most prestigious competition in the region.

Iulius Town Timișoara achieved the maximum distinction (5 Star Winner) in the Mixed-use Development category for Romania in the international competition. This level is only granted to projects achieving more than 75% of the score given by the specialized international jury for sections such as location and city connectivity, architecture, sustainability and innovation, integrated facilities and services, uses and impact within the community. The high score achieved by the project, one of the highest in Europe, got Iulius Town Timișoara nominated in the following selection phase, alongside three other projects in Russia, Cyprus and Turkey, for the “Best of Europe” title.

Iulius Town Timișoara is a landmark for Romania, as well as abroad, via the innovative synergy between retail, office, park and public infrastructure, but also for its merits in achieving the revitalization of an underdeveloped area and integrating it in the dynamics of the city.

Iulius Town addressed the effective demand for premium offices, high end brands and entertainment destinations in the western region of Romania, such uses making everyday life and leisure in nature a lot easier. In fact, these are the main advantages that garnered international recognition for the mixed-use project. The fully fitted-out park, with mature trees, lawn, lake, outdoor squares and promenades, as well as the investments in the connectivity between the project and the city, playing a great part in urban mobility, such as the traffic underpass, pedestrian connections and upgrades to arterial roads, investments which add up to more than € 21 million, are uses that are rarely found in real-estate developments in Europe and were all the more appreciated.

Iulius Town came into prominence as the regional business center, with three green office buildings, which are built and operated in line with sustainability principles. In total, it comprises 50,000 sqm of premium office space, accommodating the headquarters of 30-plus multinational companies and 5,000 employees. Along with the other components of the project, there are more than 8,000 people working in Iulius Town.

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