Romania’s biggest e-tailer launches online financing solution

Romania’s biggest online retailer, eMAG, in partnership with Idea::Bank and two IT solution providers FintechOS and Bitnovel, is offering a full online financing option to customers active on its marketplace, according to

The online service is based on a new identification process and an evaluation model that takes into account the clients’ order history on eMAG and their payment history at the Credit Bureau.

Customers must send online a picture of their ID card along with a selfie picture. After the bank reviews the applications, clients can sign the contract online as well. eMAG says the credit application can be reviewed (and approved) in just ten minutes.

“We are constantly updating and improving the payment and financing services available on eMAG to offer our customers an increasingly better shopping experience. Now, with just a smartphone, our customers can get a loan approval in up to ten minutes through a simple and intuitive flow, in which online funding is reduced to filling in a single field,” said Mircea Balica, eMAG financial services manager.

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