Romania, among the best countries in the world for remote working

Romania is one of the best countries in the world for remote working in 2021, according to CircleLoop, which ranked the country third in its Digital Nomad Index, according to

The index is based on a range of factors, from the cost of internet speed and scores on the Global Happiness Index to the monthly rent of a one-bedroom apartment.

Romania is third in the ranking, after Canada and the UK, with an overall score of 62.28 out of 100, local Mediafax reported.

“Taking the third spot on our index is Romania, which is one of the fastest-growing information technology markets in Central and Eastern Europe. This innovative country also has some of the cheapest average monthly costs of fixed-line broadband packages on our list at USD 8.15! If you’re looking for cheap, reliable internet access, Romania could be the perfect place for you,” CircleLoop said.

Romania also offers a low average monthly rent of USD 349 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Canada took the top spot, scoring highly on speed of fixed broadband and searches for remote jobs, with an overall score of 74.35 out of 100. The UK is second, with an overall score of 63.43 out of 100.

The top ten is completed by Sweden, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, and Germany.

The full Digital Nomad Index is available here.




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