Romania’s president promises more help for Moldova, including 200,000 doses of anti-COVID vaccine

Romania will extend a new support package to the Republic of Moldova, including 200,000 doses of anti-COVID vaccine, president Klaus Iohannis announced in his first official visit to the neighboring country. Iohannis is the first head of state who visits Moldova after pro-European Maia Sandu was elected as the country’s president in November, says

“I am pleased to be the first guest received by president Maia Sandu, after taking office. It is a confirmation of the special relationship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, based on the community of language, culture, and history and based on the Strategic Partnership for European Integration of the Republic of Moldova, from whose signing we celebrated ten years in April 2020,” Iohannis said in his joint press conference with Maia Sandu.

“We are with the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mrs. Maia Sandu, and we are ready to provide all the assistance needed for the successful implementation of her reform program and for the management of the multiple crises that the Republic of Moldova is facing,” the Romanian president added.

He also presented the content of the new support package that Romania will provide to the citizens of Moldova. Romania will extend the agreement for the EUR 100 million non-reimbursable grant promised to Moldova and widen its scope. Romania will also provide up to 200,000 doses of anti-COVID vaccine to the neighboring country and will send a team of experts to help Moldova prepare its vaccination strategy. The support also includes more medicine to help treat COVID-19 patients in Moldova. Moldovan farmers will get 6,000 tons of diesel fuel from Romania, and NGOs and independent media in Moldova will get financial support of over EUR 250,000 from the Romanian state.

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