Romania’s ruling Liberals promise GDP per capita will reach 85% of EU average by 2024

Romania’s ruling Liberal Party (PNL) promises in its ruling strategy that Romania will have the strongest economic growth in the entire European Union over the next four years and reach a growth rate of over 6% in 2024, according to

The GDP will increase by over RON 450 bln to over RON 1,500 bln (EUR 309 mln) in 2024, and the GDP per capita will exceed 85% of the EU27 average by the end of 2024, according to PNL’s forecast, reported.

The employment will go up by over 560,000, or more than 10% of the current employment, by 2024.

The average net salary will rise by real 36.6% to EUR 1,000 in 2024, and the pensions will be 46% higher than in 2019 (nominal terms), while the child allowances will double over the next four years. The Romanians’ purchasing power will increase by over 30%, and the inflation rate will go down below 2%, PNL promises.

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