PM: Ministers and civil servants don’t take priority for vaccination


PM Ludovic Orban said that ministers, state secretaries or civil servants do not take precedence for the anti-Covid 19 vaccination, according to

He explained that the memo released in mass media, according to which there would have been a prioritization among state employees in getting vaccinated, was a note by the Health Ministry intended to assess the rate of acceptance of the vaccine.

Orban added that the vaccine might arrive in Romania in December, at least the first tranches.

“The medical staff ranks first on the priority list for vaccination, as it is in the front line of the battle against COVID-19, then second on the list there are vulnerable persons, elderly, with other medical records, people who can develop severe forms of the infection, and also those who work in essential sectors, such as in the energy, water sectors, which are considered strategic“, the PM pointed out.

Orban also said that vaccination “is not mandatory, but it is free of charge”.

“The state will purchase all vaccine doses and vaccination will be free of charge for all categories of population”, he said, adding he is referring to “those who are in the vaccination plan”.

PM Orban also said “he would lie” if he claimed that Romania is ready for the COVID-19 vaccination from the logistics point of view.

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