REGINA MARIA Health Network Launches the first E-commerce Platform for Subscribers

REGINA MARIA Health Network, the first provider to introduce the concept of medical subscriptions in Romania, launches the first online store dedicated to employees of companies subscribed to the Network’s services. The new e-commerce platform provides the existing subscribers with the opportunity to easily buy medical service packages for family members or to add a superior subscription to that offered by their employer, according to

“For 25 years, we’ve been offering customized prevention and treatment solutions for both large companies and entrepreneurial businesses. 2020 has been both an anniversary year for us and a year of fast-paced digitization. This spring we launched the Virtual Clinic, which ensures permanent access for subscribers to medical services, including Occupational Medicine. Now we are launching the first e-commerce platform dedicated to subscribers. We receive numerous subscription requests for family members, but also requests from corporate subscribers who want more services included. Moreover, e-commerce platforms have radically changed people’s expectations in terms of access to products and services, including medical ones. In this context, our online store is a solution and a reassurance of the fast and efficient way in which people interact with us. Everything can take place online: from buying the desired subscription to making appointments directly from the mobile phone, the consultation itself (online or offline) and paying for services”, says Andreea Minuță, Corporate Director, REGINA MARIA Health Network.

The REGINA MARIA online store offers subscribers the opportunity to buy one or more products. For example, they can upgrade the subscription offered by their employer and buy one or more packages for their loved ones, at preferential prices.
  • Packages for family members – if the subscriber has a medical service package from the company where they work, they can also buy one of the four types of subscriptions from the Expert plan for their family. Each subscription has a standard price depending on the medical services included, the most affordable cost being 45 lei per month. Packages are designed for both adults and children.
  • Upgrade for subscribers – if the subscriber already has a medical subscription offered by the company where they work, they can add a superior package to it. Thus, they will benefit from the medical services from the Priority subscription, a complex package that includes hundreds of tests and investigations, in addition to access to the physicians from the Academic Partnership and to emergency room services. The subscription is available for both adults and children.

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