European Council for Innovation invests three million euros in project where Romania participated too

X-PIC Project, Romania is a part of, through the National Research Development Institute for Isotopic and Molecular Technologies – INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, will benefit from 3.075 million euros in the latest investment round in the pilot project “Pathfinder Open”of the European Council for Innovation, financed through the EU program for research and innovation Horizon 2020. According to a press release, we are speaking about the largest budget (191 million euros), the highest number of projects selected (58) and the highest number of candidacies (902) for this type of financing, which contributes to transforming research ideas with risks and high impact into new technologies, according to

Besides a part of the 191 million euro budget, projects selected will receive access to services of assistance and guidance for the acceleration of enterprise development. Following the success of ECI pilot stage (2018-2020), a European Council for Innovation with full powers will be launched next year as part of Europe Horizon program, the latest EU research and innovation program, with increased financing for innovation technologies.




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