Cluj-Napoca invests in mixed experimental science park

A Romanian research institute in Cluj-Napoca, in partnership with the Cluj Innovation Park – owned by Cluj-Napoca City Council, started the procedure for developing the first mixed experimental science park in northwestern Romania, according to

The Innovative Cluster for Advanced pilot Technologies in Alternative Energies – CITAT-E is a RON 13 million (EUR 2.75 mln) project financed with EU cohesion policy funds.

A photovoltaic and wind park, with a total installed capacity of at least 1,000 kW, will be located in Cluj Innovation Park, in Cluj-Napoca’s Dealul Lomb area, and will test the energy efficiency of photovoltaic panels and modern wind energy installations in real conditions and will encourage decentralized consumption of energy from renewable sources.

The park should be completed by August 31, 2021.

The project’s objectives include producing clean and sustainable energy for a scientific park of 2.2 ha, studying ecologic and renewable energy storage, and carrying out tests, measurements, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

This experimental laboratory will also allow research, development, and innovation in the field of alternative energies to increase research capabilities in the TREC Transylvania Energy Cluster cluster.

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