Ionuț Coman: Entrepreneurs and other citizens expect the newly elected to develop the infrastructure

The local elections have changed the Romanian administrative landscape. There are very high expectations from the newly elected authorities, who have taken up their mandates just these days.

The election campaign was atypical. People taxed the scandals, because they wanted to vote for those who want to develop their communities, says the representative of one of the most dynamic companies in Cluj, Ionuț Coman, the founder of OptGroup, present at Via Cluj TV.

The company is specialized in providing solutions for infrastructure development and promotes new technologies that support this field. Ionuț Coman says that he has noticed a change for the better: the local elected officials, regardless of whether they are in their first term or have already gathered experience in public administration, want to continue the projects that develop the infrastructure.

Thus, these local elected officials meet important expectations of entrepreneurs and other citizens, says Ionuț Coman. What other expectations do the people from the newly elected locals have, from the show Business Cafe, moderated by Claudiu Pădurean.