Romania to introduce new rules for those arriving from countries with high Covid-19 case counts

Romania’s Committee for Emergency Situations is to set on Monday, October 5, new rules for those arriving from countries with a high number of coronavirus cases in the past two weeks, prime minister Ludovic Orban said, according to

“We did not update this situation because there was an EU debate, and we waited for a unified decision at a European level. No decision was taken, so, on Monday, we will decide to introduce restrictions for those who arrive from countries where the number of infections exceeds those in Romania in the past 14 days”, Orban said.

There will be different requirements, depending on the length of the stay in the country.

Those who remain in the country for a maximum of three days will no longer have to quarantine, as long as they have a negative Covid-19 test carried out at most 48 hours before arrival.

Those who plan to spend more than three days in Romania will have two options, either enter a 14-day quarantine or enter a period of quarantine and perform a Covid-19 test on the fifth day. If the test is negative, they can exit the quarantine.

The PM also asked prefects to intensify the checks to ensure everyone complies with the sanitary norms.

He also pointed to private events, such as weddings and baptisms, and urban and inter-county transport as factors in the spread of the virus.

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