Via Cluj TV: Goldeen Cargo, the best performing team that transports valuable art

Business means value. But often it means not only financial value, but also spiritual values. One such business is Goldeen Cargo, Via Cluj TV reports.

It is a company founded in Cluj, which has made its main mission out of concern for the values ​​of art. Goldeen Cargo means today the most efficient team in Romania specialized in the transport of art items, important for the entire European civilization, says the company’s representative, Luminița Crișan.

Goldeen Cargo’s transports have long crossed the Romania’s borders. Among them, the most spectacular operation was the transport of some old Romanian icons, painted a few centuries ago, in Lyon, France, for an exhibition. Then the whole Goldeen Cargo team brought back home those art objects.

Art transport means not only dedicated people, skilled in moving an object from one place to another, but also specialists in transport security, packaging, establishing optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and brightness for art objects, but also specialists in bureaucracy of customs, insurance or tax returns.




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