White Night of Romanian Films takes place in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca this weekend

Recent Romanian productions will be screened at the White Night of Romanian Films, an event taking place on September 18 in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, says Romania-Insider.com.

The program includes screenings of films such as Radu Ciorniciuc’s documentary Acasă – My Home, about a family who lived for 20 years in the Văcărești Delta; Alex Brendea’s documentary Profu’, about a teacher who starts giving classes in his own apartment; and Alexander Nanau’ Colectiv, focusing on the 2015 fire at the Bucharest nightclub of the same name.

Și poate mai trăiesc și azi/ And They May Still Be Alive Today, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu’s latest film, and Răzvan Săvescu’s drama Început/ Beginning are also included in the program, alongside Andrei Zincă’s Și atunci… ce e libertatea?/ Then… What Is Freedom?, a film that received the public’s choice award at the Romanian Film Days section of Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), Dorian Boguță’s Urma/ Legacy, the winner of the debut award of the Romanian Film Days at TIFF 2020.

The program also includes screenings of the 4K-remastered version of Lucian Pintilie’s Balanța/ The Oak and recent shorts.

In Bucharest, screenings take place at Cinema sub clar de lună venue (on Calea Victoriei), Cinema Elvire Popesco, the Amphitheater of the Bucharest National Theater (TNB), the Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema, J’ai Bistrot, and Galateca. In Cluj, Cinema Victoria will host the screenings.

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