Over one million people in Germany are Romanians or have Romanian parents

The share of people with a migrant background in Germany rose to 21.2 million last year, representing nearly 26% of the country’s population, the Federal Statistical Office announced on Tuesday. Of these, more than one million (1.018 million) were Romanians or born of Romanian parents, according to the same source, qouted by Romania-Insider.com.

In Germany, a person is considered to have a migration background if they, or at least one of their parents, were born without German citizenship. Thus, the term includes both foreign citizens, foreigners with German citizenship, and German citizens with foreign parents.

The fifth-biggest group of people with migrant background in Germany has Romanian roots, after Turks (2.82 mln), Poles (2.24 mln), Russians (1.39 mln), and Kazakhs (1.24 mln), according to the official statistics.

Close to 750,000 Romanian citizens lived in Germany at the end of 2019, another official statistic shows. This number is twice the population of Iasi, the second-biggest city in Romania.

The number of Romanians living in Germany went up almost four times since the end of 2012 (from about 200,000). Only in 2019, more than 50,000 Romanians moved to Germany, representing the biggest group of new migrants for the second year in a row.

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