Romanian authorities to build circuit for testing self-driving cars

Companies that develop technologies for intelligent, autonomous vehicles will have a circuit for testing such vehicles in Romania, developed by the local administration in Cluj county, says

The project submitted by the Cluj County Council for obtaining European funding passed the pre-selection stage, receiving after evaluation 94.75 points out of a maximum of 100, according to

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca and companies that have engineering centers in Romania, such as Robert Bosch or Porsche Engineering Romania, have shown interest in supporting and using this test center.

The Center for Innovation, Testing and Promotion Cluj (CITPC) will be established in the form of an integrated system.

It will provide a series of facilities such as specialized laboratories for the development of technologies and systems, and a circuit with various components to ensure safe testing of systems and technologies. It will also be a system of promotion through the multifunctional infrastructure dedicated to entrepreneurship.

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