Economy Ministry launches campaign promoting local jobs to Romanians returning to the country

The Economy, Energy, and Business Environment Ministry, through its Tourism Department, has launched a campaign promoting local jobs to Romanians who recently returned to the country or are planning to do so. The campaign focuses on hospitality industry jobs, according to

The authorities say the message they want to get across is a simple one – “We are expecting you home!. We have jobs for you, especially in the HoReCa sector,” a press release from the Economy Ministry says.

“Over the past few years, our country showed it is increasingly interesting to investors. In January, I attended a conference where the main topic was the labor shortage in the hospitality industry. I was saying at the time that we were worried it would become a worse crisis than a potential economic one […] In the meantime, the coronavirus pandemic altered all plans radically. One thing still stands: the labor shortage,” Emil-Răzvan Pîrjol, a state secretary with the Economy Ministry, explains.
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