Youngsters from Cluj are looking for practical professions

In past years, the interest of youngsters in the practical professions offered by the universities of Cluj has increased considerably. Engineering studies are among the most sought after. They offer young people the opportunity to find well-paid jobs, which also offer social prestige, as well as the opportunity to travel a lot. Cluj is well known for the IT community, but, more and more often, agronomic engineers, food industry specialists or electronics engineers are also ”hunted” by HR companies. In addition to engineers, especially during this period, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, biologists or veterinarians are enjoying more and more passage.

After the fall of communism, the engineering profession became less and less sought after, in the context in which many economic units went bankrupt. Some of the engineers emigrated, others reoriented themselves professionally. There were several years in which the number of places put up for admission by the faculties that offered engineering specializations was higher than the number of candidates for admission. But things have changed as the economy has recovered. In Cluj, specializations such as IT attract many candidates. But there are other engineering specializations, less visible in big cities, which attract many young people. That would be the agricultural field, says the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Roxana Vidican.

Young people study in high-performance laboratories and practice on valuable agricultural equipment, controlled by computers. During this pandemic, students miss the campus the most.

Cluj has a community of approximately 100,000 students, master’s and doctoral students. Engineering specializations are mainly offered by the Technical University, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine and the Babeș-Bolyai University.




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