New song, dedicated to medical staff involved in the fight against coronavirus

Two African students from Cluj, Charles Wratto and Suleyman Kuta (Go slo), activists within the Association Center for Peace and Prevention of Violence (CPVP) decided to show their gratitude and solidarity to all those at the forefront in the fight against the new coronavirus through music. The two realized how important medical staff are for everyone’s safety during this period and wanted to offer them moral support, through the rap song Isolate.

Suleyman Kuta responded immediately as soon as Charles Wratto offered to write a play together: “We were already working from home, the courses had moved online, we lived in total isolation for two months. I realized how difficult it is for those in hospitals to return to their families without being able to hug their children, I realized how difficult it is for those in the police force who patrolled non-stop to ensure that the rest of us follow the rules and that we will be fine. For all of them, this is a song, ”said Suleyman Kuta.

The melodic structure was brought from Mali, where Charles Wratto worked with a local music producer, Debro Beat, during the humanitarian project #UnitedForMali, which C.P.V.P. implemented it in two refugee camps in the capital Bamako earlier this year.




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