Innovative smart street opened in Romania

Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s fourth most populous city, opened its first smart street, with support from ERDF. The high-tech pedestrian-friendly street supports greener mobility, improve connectivity, save energy and better include people with disabilities, according to European Commission.

The smart street is located in the Mărăști neighbourhood of Cluj-Napoca on 15 May. The existing street was upgraded to encourage more people to walk, cycle or use electric vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. Changes also creates a greener environment and help the city to save resources.

Pedestrians have more space in the street, along with drinking fountains and benches with USB charging sockets for mobile devices. There are also be bicycle parking spaces as well as charging stations for electric cars. Pavements with tactile markings are being installed for people with disabilities.

Street lighting is saving energy by using LED lights, smart systems in lampposts and remote controls for decorative features. The low-carbon infrastructure is complemented by over 50 new trees, watered using a sensor-based irrigation system.




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