Cineuropa: TIFF Unlimited to go international in June

One year after it was launched (see the news), the VoD platform of the Transilvania International Film FestivalTIFF Unlimited, has announced some major expansion plans, including its eagerly awaited availability outside Romania starting next month. The platform’s team is currently working hard in order to release a substantial selection of Romanian productions to worldwide audiences, according to

This news is accompanied by figures demonstrating its growth, as the platform can boast increases of 40% in viewership and of 60% in the number of hours that viewers spend watching films on the platform. In order to accommodate this increased level of attention, TIFF Unlimited has expanded its film catalogue, with new titles being added every week. Most of these are available only in Romania, but this will change in June.

Regarding the decision to make Romanian movies available worldwide, TIFF Unlimited project manager Dorina Oargă tells Cineuropa that the move is an answer to “numerous requests from the Romanian diaspora asking to have access to our platform and to be able to enjoy the films. We have already made several Romanian documentaries available, in partnership with FAV, but for now, most of them are only in Romanian. We will add subtitles so that these films can reach more people. Moreover, the Romanian movies that will be available will have English subtitles. We are currently in negotiations with the rights owners so that, starting this June, we will be able to offer a substantial catalogue of films.”

According to Oargă, the platform is also expected to host some films set to be shown at the 2020 edition of the Transilvania International Film Festival. “It all depends on the form the festival will take this year,” she says, as the gathering’s 19th edition has been postponed until further notice.

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