The first Romanian shirt factory joins fight against COVID-19, to produce medical equipment

1949Tarnava from Sighișoara, the first Romanian factory specialising in blouses and shirts, started the production of medical equipment, according to

With a monthly production capacity of 40,000-45,000 disposable medical items, the factory will produce masks and medical gowns, but also auxiliary items such as hospital sheets.

The medical equipment is made from Oeko-tex certified special fabrics, comply with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard and are purchased from Romania and Germany.

By the end of this week, 1949Tarnava will complete the first series of medical gowns, the production capacity being of 2000 pieces per day.

“The revenues of our factory came from the production of fashion and uniforms. In two weeks, however, we had to adapt, we found suppliers of raw materials and started to produce medical equipment, so that we can keep our employees and ensure business continuity, while at the same time, support medical institutions with Romanian products at honest prices”, states Cristina Hâncu, general manager of 1949Tarnava.

“We are a 100% Romanian business, Tarnava Romania has been operating since 1949. For this period, we reorganized, we found suppliers, but we need the Romania State to help us with centralized and transparent procurement for medical equipments, in order to have access to the local marketplace”, explains Cristina Hâncu.

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