Students in Romania make protective equipment for doctors treating Covid-19 patients

High school students from all over Romania, enrolled in the BRD FIRST Tech Challenge robotics program, have started working on 3D-printed or hand-made face shields for the health workers treating Covid-19 patients, reported.

The face shields can be used right away and they have been demanded by pharmacies, family doctors, ambulance services or ER doctors at various hospitals in the country, according to

Other teams of pupils enrolled in the robotics program, which is implemented by the Nație Prin Educație Association, have made their 3D printers available for the making of pieces for mechanical ventilation equipment.

“It was an appeal that the Nație Prin Educație Association made in our robotics community to support the healthcare system, challenged so much at this time. My colleagues held an online course on March 20 and, in less than a week, the children enrolled in our robotics program put their knowledge and resourcefulness to use and came up with specific solutions. All of the teams have 3D printers, most of them donated by Nație Prin Educație throughout the four years of the project, others they purchased them themselves, so they started working to make face shields for hospitals. Other teams have donated their 3D printers to be used for the production of pieces needed for mechanical ventilation equipment; one of them is being tested in Timișoara but there are other private initiatives in various other cities,” Dana Războiu, the president of Nație Prin Educație Association, said, quoted by

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