Romanian startup developing metasearch engine, valued at EUR 1 mln

Gumzzz, a Cluj-Napoca-based startup that will make dental care services and packages easily accessible to patients all over the world, is valued at EUR 1 million, before its launch on the market, according to a press release, quoted by

The startup has successfully closed a first round of financing of EUR 100,000. The investment came from business angel Stelian Bogza, co-founder of BenefitOnline, the company said.

Gumzzz is a team of 15 professionals, consisting of programmers, marketing specialists, and dentists. The company is run by Vlad Suteu, an entrepreneur from Cluj-Napoca with educational and professional experience in scaling companies in the UK and Denmark.

“We have been working on Gumzzz for almost one year now and decided to launch the product during this challenging period because our product can help the medical industry in the current conditions. Gumzzz offers the opportunity to reduce interactions in the process of online reservations and provides a helping hand for patients who have dental emergencies and need to urgently find a nearby treatment facility. Therefore, we offer our support and infrastructure even before the official launch in May,” Vlad Suteu said.

Patients using Gumzzz will have the possibility to select, for free, the most relevant dental clinic for their needs, based on transparent and validated reviews from other people. Also, the platform allows the patient to interact, in real-time, with the Gumzzz support department or with a designated person from the chosen dental facility. In addition, the platform provides the option to attach documents to be visualized and evaluated by the preferred dentist.

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