Coronavirus in Romania: President urges citizens to respect social distancing

Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis urged the pensioners not to expose themselves to a huge risk and reminded the Romanians to respect social distancing to limit the spread of Covid-19. He also announced that the authorities will fight the novel coronavirus with even harsher measures, as “we are facing an unprecedented situation”, says

During a press statement on Monday, March 23, Klaus Iohannis said that the inevitable happened and Romania registered its first deaths caused by the infection with the novel coronavirus. And, as the data have shown that the Covid-19 can be lethal in a much higher proportion for the elderly, the president urged the pensioners not to expose themselves to a huge risk and to stay home.

The president also advised the Romanians to respect social distancing: “In a cruel irony, helping others means today, and in the weeks to come, to stay away from them. […] Maintaining social distancing is the way to overcome this incredibly difficult time. So, in these days, let us take great care of our parents and grandparents, but from a distance”.

“Critical weeks will follow, which will put to the test all the capabilities of the state, but also our moral and emotional strength. Now is the time to be strong and united,” Iohannis added.

The president also urged the Romanians to follow the rules and recommendations of the authorities, as this way “we save valuable time and help the medical system to treat the infected.”

“Let’s be responsible and not contribute to the extension of a difficult period for everyone!”, he added.

Klaus Iohannis also told the local politicians not to use this crisis in the electoral battle, as this is not the time for political quarrels.

Referring to the measures and restrictions imposed so far to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, Iohannis said that they were implemented gradually, taking into account the rate of transmission of Covid-19, but that “we will not stop and will take even harsher measures when they will become absolutely mandatory to limit the spread of the virus”.

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