Stock of industrial spaces in western Romania doubles in four years

The stock of industrial spaces in the west and north-west part of Romania has doubled over the past four years and is growing rapidly, becoming the second largest market after Bucharest, CBRE data shows.

The stock of industrial spaces in this region of the country is expected to surpass 700,000 square meters this year, according to

“We are seeing an increasing drive in the western and north-western part of the country, both in terms supply of, as well as demand for, industrial spaces. The volume rented in 2019 exceeded the deliveries of new spaces. Currently, 65,000 square meters of industrial space are being built near the cities of Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Satu Mare”, stated Mădălin Aresmeriţoaie, Senior Advisor, Industrial Services, CBRE Romania.

In 2019, 67,000 square meters of industrial space were delivered in the west and northwest of Romania, raising the current stock to 650,000 square meters.
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