US ambassador in RO warns against Huawei’s 5G technologies

US ambassador to Bucharest Adrian Zuckerman on Monday, February 17, warned the Romanian authorities against using technology provided by Chinese group Huawei for developing the country’s 5G networks due to security threats, according to

“Contrary to popular marketing and public misconception, 5G is not synonymous with Chinese companies. American, European, and South Korean companies are leading the way on 5G development in markets around the world. 5G technology offers opportunity, but in the wrong hands, it threatens national security,” ambassador Zuckerman wrote in an Op-Ed on the Embassy’s website.

He points out that 5G networks represent critical infrastructure that will be the highways and byways of the digital economy.

”We must ensure to use companies that continue to develop trustworthy 5G technologies, companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, and Qualcomm. These companies are a solution to the threat we face from technology companies tied to the Chinese Communist Party,” the US ambassador wrote.

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