Romania agrees to EU funds to be tied to respecting rule of law

Romania agrees to have EU funds tied to respecting rule of law, but specialists must first draft concrete criteria in this regard, Romania’s president Klaus Iohannis said on Friday, February 7, in Brussels, according to

“It’s rather complicated to tie the granting of European funds to the rule of law, but I must tell you very clearly from the start: Romania does not oppose this mechanism. So, we agree to connect the granting of funds with respecting the rule of law, but the specialists have much work to do until they develop very specific criteria, which can be applied. However, we agree, we support this initiative and, if a clear procedure is reached, we will be OK with it”, said president Klaus Iohannis, quoted by

Iohannis is attending the talks in Brussels on the EU budget for the 2021-2027 period. He said Romania will negotiate to get more money for cohesion and agriculture.

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