RO Govt. plans 6GW of new PV and wind farms over next decade

Romania’s Government aims to increase the country’s consumption of energy from renewable resources to 30.7% of the total consumption by 2030, up from a current share of 23.9%, according to the revised version of the National Integrated Energy-Environment Plan (PNIESC), quoted by

The new Government has revised the target upwards from a level of 27.9% set by the former Government.

The increase in the share of renewable energy will be achieved by installing 2.3GW of new wind farms (in addition to the current capacities of nearly 3GW) and 3.7GW of new photo-voltaic parks (on top of nearly 1.4GW now) over the next ten years, under the Government’s plan.

Part of the investments will be financed under the European Union’s decarbonisation plan.
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