Industry and consumer confidence lag behind overall optimist expectations in RO

The positive evolution of the confidence levels of the managers in the sectors of trade, construction and services in Romania creates the grounds for investments in these sectors in 2020, said the chief economist of Banca Transilvania commenting on the European Commission’s monthly survey on confidence in the economy, according to

The same survey revealed that consumer confidence has decreased, as well as the managers’ confidence in industry.

Improving confidence indicators in the cyclical sectors (construction, retail and services) to the highest levels in recent years, expresses favorable premises for investments in these branches of the economy in 2020.

The confidence in the construction sector registered a monthly advance of 1.8 points to -1.5 points in January, the highest level since March 2008, an evolution that expresses the pre-requisites of a positive climate continuation in this capital and labor-intensive sector in the short term, “notes the chief economist of Banca Transilvania.

In contrast, the confidence indicator in industry and among consumers decreased in the first month of the current year.

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