Romania’s agricultural production will drop due to warm weather and lack of snow

This year’s agricultural production will be at least 30% lower than we expected, the president of the League of Agricultural Producers Associations of Romania (LAPAR) Gheorghe Albu said in an interview with RFI Romania.

“This year is an atypical year, in which we have not had any snow. Moreover, the temperatures have been high during the day, over 10 degrees, and in the evening temperatures were -3, -4 degrees,” he explained to

The lack of winter snow and the high temperatures for this season have had a negative impact on the cereal and oilseed crops sown in the autumn of 2019, and in some areas of the country the wheat tends to dry out, Ziarul Financiar reported on the same topic.

“At this moment there is a severe water crisis. Since 1990 when I started farming, I have not met such a year. What is happening is abnormal. In the next week, temperatures will reach 16-17 degrees. If it does not snow in February, the production will be drastically reduced,” Marian Iordache, a farmer from Giurgiu county in southern Romania, said for Ziarul Financiar.
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