Banksy exhibition comes to Budapest

After Istanbul, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Melbourne, Auckland, Toronto, Berlin, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Paris, Banksy, the worldʼs most famous graffiti artist, will finally be on display in Budapest, according to Budapest Business Journal.

“The Art of Banksy” will present the art of the “unknown genius” through about 70 works, organized by the Godot Institute of Contemporary Art, from February 1 at Tesla Loft (1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 21.)

For years, the domestic audience has been waiting for an exhibition of Banksyʼs art, so far to no avail, but now, after a longer round-the-world trip, the “Art of Banksy” traveling exhibition is coming to Budapest to try to provide a comprehensive view of the hidden street art world.

“The Art of Banksy Exhibition brings us works from around the world, weathered plaster, empty brick wall or a bleak overpass, and re-introduces the works of the unknown genius to bring the essential message of the works into paintings, photos and prints into an exciting exhibition experience,” said Zoltán Sáfár, founder and owner of the Godot Institute for Contemporary Art.

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