Romanian startup gets EU financing for neuroscience research project

Neurodynamics, a start-up founded in Cluj-Napoca by researchers Raul Mureșan and Vlad Moca, has received a EUR 150,000 grant from the European Commission for a research project in the field of neuroscience, according to an announcement by the European Research Council, quoted by

The winning project is called “Large-scale platform for motion detection and fluorescence imaging in zebrafish models of neurological disorders” and is led by Canadian researcher Kabashi Edor, local reported. It is the only project involving a Romanian entity in the list of 76 projects that have won European grants totalling EUR 11.4 million.

Neurodynamics operates in close partnership with the Transylvanian Institute of Neuroscience (TINS), a private, non-profit research institute founded by neuroscience researchers. The main mission of the institute is to advance neuroscience research by studying the dynamics of neural circuits in healthy and diseased brain. TINS also focuses on research in cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence of biological inspiration.
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