Apartment prices in Bucharest edge down against opposite country

The average price asked by the apartment owners in Romania, new and old properties, remained on an upward trend and in October (+1.9% month-on-month), after a 0.6% advance in September, according to Romania-Insider.com.

However, in Bucharest, the asking prices edged down marginally by 0.2% in October after a 1.8% advance in September, according to the figures compiled by the real estate transaction platform Imobiliare.ro.

The Imobiliare.ro index recorded an advance of 1.9% at national level, to an average of EUR 1,296 per sqm.

Of the big cities monitored by Imobiliare.ro, the most significant increases took place in Cluj-Napoca and Iaşi, and the lowest ones – in Constanţa and Brasov.

In Brasov, the expectations of home sellers increased in October by 0.4%, reaching an average of EUR 1,140 per sqm.

In Cluj-Napoca, the Imobiliare.ro index recorded a 2.2% advance last month, to EUR 1,676 per sqm.

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