Two thirds of Romanians willing to restart their careers in response to technological changes

Two out of three Romanians (66.8 percent) are willing to make a complete change in their career and opt for professional retraining, and seven out of ten spend significant time every year on learning and improving their skills, so as to face the challenges brought on the labor market by major trends such as technological advancement and globalization. On the other hand, 33.2 percent of Romanians are not willing to acquire skills and knowledge for a different job and would only do so if they had serious problems on the labor market, and 26 percent spend little time per year to develop their skills, according to a study conducted in 197 countries, including Romania, by BestJobs and Boston Consulting Group. This study is quoted by

The study “Decoding Global Trends in Upskilling and Reskilling” assesses how 366,000 employees worldwide perceive changes on the labor market by two major trends: technological advancement – automation, artificial intelligence, robotics – and globalization.

In Romania, most respondents who believe that their job will be affected by technological changes work in areas such as digital & analysis and automation (59 percent), IT and technology (52 percent), finance and auditing (45.6 percent). At the opposite end, the least concerned from this point of view are those who work in sales (31 percent), legal (24 percent) and social assistance (23 percent).

As for the effects of globalization, most respondents who believe that their job will be affected by this trend are employees in science and research (41.7 percent), IT & technology (41 percent), digital & analysis and automation (40.3  percent). On the other hand, those who considered themselves to be least affected by globalization work in administration and secretariat (26.4 percent), media and information (25.4 percent) and legal (23 percent).

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