Fresh Forward Decor in Cluj

Subway introduces to its guests two more restaurants under the Fresh Forward Décor concept – in Cluj-Napoca and in Iasi – and anounces a significant increase in sales for its Romanian business.

The number of Subway restaurants developed in Romania under the Fresh Forward Décor concept reaches four, after the company announced the opening of a new restaurant in Iasi, as well as the remodeling of the restaurant situated inside the commercial center Iulius Mall, in Cluj-Napoca.

At the end of September, Subway opened a new restaurant in Iasi, which is located on 4-5 Independence Boulevard. This is the second location opened by Subway in Iasi which has enjoyed increasing popularity since day one.  The event is scheduled for October 18th, 2019e.

Moreover, on October 12th, 2019, after a major investment in decoration and facilities, Subway Romania inaugurated the restaurant in Cluj-Napoca (53B  Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Street). Located inside Iulius Mall, this was the first restaurant opened in 2012 by Subway Romania outside Bucharest and the second one that joined the franchise in Romania, after the restaurant Subway Victoriei from Bucharest.




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