Mixed real estate projects get gardens

Bringing nature closer to communities is a new trend on the local real estate market, with Iulius pioneering this approach in its projects in Timisoara, Iasi and Cluj-Napoca, according to Business-Review.eu.

At present, Iulius is the sole real estate developer in Romania making significant investments in implementing large green areas within its projects. As the major mixed projects it has developed so far involve urban regeneration, this step was a natural one and also one of its major concerns and challenges.

According to Iulius representatives, the company has invested EUR 13.2 million so far in the three parks developed as part of its projects: EUR 2.5 million (in the park at Palas Iasi, inaugurated back in 2012), EUR 8.7 million (at Iulius Town Timisoara) and over EUR 2 million (at Iulius Parc in Cluj-Napoca). “A major investment was required to create our parks and they come with significant maintenance costs on top. But they represent a strength of our projects,” say representatives. They add that the company’s investments in this area focused on green plots created from scratch over the underground car park. “The landscaping was very complex because it involved special infrastructure work, waterproofing, significant quantities of fertile soil and advanced flooding systems.” In addition, the company used a large number of ripening high trees of various species brought from Italian nurseries in all of its mixed projects, in order to create the impression that the gardens had always been there. “For example, over 1,400 trees were planted in Iulius Town Timisoara park,” add officials.

Iulius Gardens in Iulius Town Timisoara also includes an 800 sqm lake, large areas of special lawn where people can rest as in any of the world’s major parks, a gazebo, avenues for walking, and restaurants and cafeterias. Last but not least, Iulius Gardens has a carousel for kids, produced for Iulius Town by a company with over 50 years of experience in the production of equipment for amusement parks.

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