RO-Wine celebrates record breaking edition

The last summer edition of RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania noted a series of absolute records in the history of the event so far – in number of exhibitors, visitors, wines tasted as well as gourmet dishes served. With the event becoming an attraction for foreign weekend wine tourists   as well, organizers felt it is time to plan a horizontal development of the festival and decided to introduce to both local and European customers an “en primeur” tasting event focused on Romanian wines, but with a consistent presence of Italian and French wines as well, according to

Harvest Wine Festival by RO-Wine, a gathering celebrating the new harvest wines, will take place in Bucharest on September 28-29, within the Timpuri Noi Square complex, at Biutiful Downtown / Carnivale Food Market, focusing on the red wines of 2018 and the white wines of 2019, which are still a few steps away from unveiling their true potential, but already able to describe what the 2020 wine market will taste like.

RO-Wine | The International Wine Festival of Romania will also return to Cluj-Napoca this year, after a successful first edition in 2018. Chios Social Lounge will host the event on October 26/27, benefiting from both the Gourmet section premiered at the Bucharest summer edition this year and the “en primeur” section to be debuted in September.

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